KSAMC today

The main products of the company:
• multipurpose transport airplane of An-74 type, in different modifications;
• regional airplanes of An-140 type (both serial and in aircraft kits);
• ultralight airplanes KhAZ-30;
• An-148/An-158 wing center sections;
• spare parts for the airplanes;
• maintenance and repair of the airplanes An-72/74, An-140 and KhAZ-30;
• full range of services to support the operator;
• overhaul of L-410UVP aircraft as well as their engines;
• manufacturing of Mi-2MSB, Mi-8MSB helicopter units in cooperation with “Motor Sich” JSC;
• production of consumer goods.

Company’s management

General Director - Zadorozhnyy Serhiy Mykolayovych

Kharkiv Aircraft Factory – from the past to the future

Kharkiv State Aircraft Manufacturing Company (formerly KAMG, KhAZ, 135th factory) is one of the oldest enterprises in aviation industry of Ukraine, founded in 1926 based on aircraft repair shops. The history of the factory boasts a lot of aviation achievements. In the years of operation have been produced more than 4000 aircraft designed by K. Kalinin, D. Hryhorovych, J. Neman, P. Sukhoi, P. Grushyn, O. Yakovlev, A. Mikoyan and M. Gurevich, A. Tupolev, I. Selezniov, O. Antonov and P. Balabuyev. Among them are the following::
• K-2, K-3 and K-4 – the first production passenger airplanes;
• K-5 – the heaviest passenger airplane of pre-war period;
• K-7 – the biggest airplane of its time;
• I-Z and IP-1 – the first fighter airplane carrying a cannon;
• ХKhAI-1 – the first in Europe airplanes with landing gear retractable in flight;
• Su-2 – air-to-ground aircraft, the best aircraft at the beginning of World War II;
• MiG – 15 UTI – the first production training fighter plane;
• Tu-104 – the first production passenger jet airplane;
• Tu-124 – the first airplane in the world with turbofan engine;
• Tu-134 – the heaviest passenger turbo jet;
• An-72 – turbojet STOL airplane;
• An-74 – multipurpose transport airplane;
• An-140 – the first production passenger airplane in Independent Ukraine;
• KhAZ-30 – ultralight two-seater sport-practice airplane.

Aviation Museum

On the territory of the plant there is a museum which keeps airplane models and memorabilia of the world and Ukrainian history of aviation. There is also an exhibition of real-size airplanes outdoors. Here you can not only see but also touch the after-war YaK-18, MiG-15UTI, Tu-141 unmanned reconnaissance airplane, legendary Tu-planes.
The opening hours ae 10.00-17.00 daily, apart from the weekends. The tour can be booked by tel+38097-737-56-62.

Our partners:

State Concern “Ukroboronprom”;
State Enterpise “Antonov”;
JSC “Motor Sich”;

Picture Gallery